Japanese Rapunzel Hasn't Had Haircut In 15 Years

A woman who claims to be the ‘Japanese Rapunzel’ hasn’t cut her hair for 15 years, and says she uses her six-foot locks as an expression of her creativity. Check it out in the clip below:

Rin Kambe’s jet black hair measures an incredible 6ft3in lengthwise, and the Tokyo-based model says she hasn’t cut it since she was 20 years old, when she turned to Buddhism.

But it’s not been easy to maintain such an impressive do. The dancer says she uses scalp cream made from saffron and monitors her iron intake to help her hair to keep growing.


And Rin says her super-long hair allows her to ‘express the beauty of Asia’ and that it’s a ‘weapon of dance expression’.

She says: “About 15 years ago, when I started to earnestly pray for my dream as an artist, I decided to cut the dyed part of my hair and grew my super long natural hair beautifully, because it felt like natural, beautiful, super-long hair was a weapon of dance expression.

“My hair is straight, black, and I like the fact that my hair can express the beauty of Asia.

“There are people in the world who appreciate it, and there are also people who think it is a monster of hair.


“I think there are many opinions. However, I believe that natural hair leads to maximum self-expression, and I am very happy if people feel amazing when they see my Rapunzel dance show.”

Japanese Rapunzel Hasn't Had Haircut In 15 Years


Japanese Rapunzel Hasn't Had Haircut In 15 Years

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Japanese Rapunzel Hasn't Had Haircut In 15 Yearsa month ago

But Rin isn’t the only ‘real life Rapunzel’ out there.

Social media star Alyona has been growing out her hair since the age of five, and believes the real beauty of a woman is the ‘length of her hair’.

She started her Instagram page @alenuwka_longhair last year, posting incredible pictures of her luscious blonde locks in scenic backdrops to her 13.3K followers.

Speaking about her long locks, Alyona said men from around the world often propose to her, with some even asking if they can have a ‘sniff’ of her hair.


However, the Insta model said she doesn’t entertain their advances.

Alyona became obsessed with keeping her hair long when she was a child, taking onboard some advice from her mother.

She said: “From childhood, my mother told me how long a braid adorns a woman, her words live in my heart and soul throughout life.


“For me, true beauty is in naturalness, which is why my hair is so long – it is the manifestation of my inner world, part of me and my soul.”