Cadbury Has Released A Gingerbread Biscuit Chocolate Block

Cadbury is stepping up its game ahead of Christmas and has released a gingerbread biscuit chocolate block.

I know, I know – that sort of thing sounds ridiculous, outrageous and incredible, but it’s true.

The chocolate giants have dropped the new flavour ahead of the big December 25 date and it will be the perfect addition to the festivities this year.

After the heatwave some of us endured over the weekend, the thought of trying to eat chocolate in this weather sounds messy, but that’s what fridges and air conditioning are for.


The product was first rumoured to be coming to Australia around September, with some eagle-eyed shoppers noticing blocks of the Christmasy choccy on the supermarket shelves.

Cadbury Has Released A Gingerbread Biscuit Chocolate Block

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Cadbury Has Released A Gingerbread Biscuit Chocolate Block3 months ago

However, now that enough people have hailed it as the next big hit, Cadbury has rolled it out across the country.

Kathy De Lullo, Senior Marketing Manager for Seasonal & Gifting, said: “After the unprecedented year Australians have experienced in 2020, we wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to CADBURY fans with the introduction of a nostalgic Christmas-centric treat.”

This really will try to save us from the year 2020 and people will no doubt be scoffing these bad boys by the handful.


Cadbury will be selling 170g blocks of the new flavour for $5 and will be available all over the country. Get it while you can because this one looks incredible.