Arsonist Sets Himself Alight While Torching Cars In 'Random Attack'

An arsonist set himself on fire while torching cars in a ‘random attack’. You can watch CCTV footage of the incident below:

Laura Hunsley, from Golcar, West Yorkshire, UK, was ‘terrified’ when she awoke at around 2.15am on Thursday (26 November) to find her cars engulfed in flames.

Her partner Sonny Milnes shouted at the vandal from the window as he smashed one of the car’s windows, before pouring petrol on their red Honda Civic and white Volvo V60, which were parked out on the drive.


In doing so, he inadvertently doused himself in the fuel, and he subsequently caught fire along with the vehicles.

Arsonist Sets Himself Alight While Torching Cars In 'Random Attack'

Laura, who has two boys aged two and six, said she was completely clueless as to why she was targeted, and now she feels unsafe in her home.

The 30-year-old said: “I was just terrified of what’s going on outside my house. I woke up to my partner shouting outside the window.


“It was just shocking, both cars were on fire – I thought I was dreaming. I was quite scared.

“I’d rather they took the car than torching it because they put lives at risk. My children. It’s scary to think someone would do something like this to us. We’ve never had issues with anyone.

“My children were in the house and our homes are meant to be a safe place. I’m worried and feel I need to protect my children more than ever from deranged people who damage people’s property.

“It’s just so bizarre. I don’t know if they’ve been watching the car, watching us. And now I feel unsafe in my own home.”


Both cars were damaged in the fire, with the Volvo due to go to the shop today (Monday) and the Honda still miraculously OK to drive.

Arsonist Sets Himself Alight While Torching Cars In 'Random Attack'
Arsonist Sets Himself Alight While Torching Cars In 'Random Attack'

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Arsonist Sets Himself Alight While Torching Cars In 'Random Attack'12 days ago

Nursery practitioner Laura said: “We use the cars for work but they’ve both got damage now.

“We just want to find this guy and make sure he’s not out there doing this to anyone else.”


Officers have appealed for any with any information about the attack, just west of Huddersfield, to come forward.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called at 2.55am today to a report of an arson attack by a suspect on two cars in Leyland Road in Golcar.

“An offence of arson has been recorded regarding the incident which happened at about 2.50am.

“Initial enquires are ongoing and anyone who has information is asked to contact Kirklees Police on 101 referencing crime number 13200591934.”