The PlayStation 5 Retail Box Has Appeared, And It's A Ridiculously Heavy Lad

PlayStation 5 consoles are finally appearing in the wild, and we know that they are hefty units.

Japanese content creators and publications like Anija Otoja, HikakinGames, Pocky, SeikinTV, and Dengeki Online were the first to go hands-on with the PlayStation 5 in early October.

Playing games like and , the prevailing discoveries were that the “X” button is now the confirmation button for all versions of the PlayStation 5, the cooling fan was exceptionally quiet, and the high-speed loading was very literally a game-changer.

Over the past week, PlayStation 5s are starting to pop up all over the shop, and the one and only Geoff “The Game Awards” Keighley has shown off what the retail box looks like on his Twitter account. He’s likely signed a non-disclosure agreement that is specific on what he is and isn’t allowed to say ahead of the console’s launch, but he has managed to be a bit creative with the announcement. In the retail box, we know we get a Pulse 3D wireless headset, a DualSense charging station, a high-definition camera for the PS5, as well as the console and controller.


The PlayStation 5 Retail Box Has Appeared, And It's A Ridiculously Heavy Lad

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The PlayStation 5 Retail Box Has Appeared, And It's A Ridiculously Heavy Lad2 days ago

Putting it onto his bathroom scales, Geoff found that the PlayStation 5 box and all its accompanying gizmos comes to a weight of 14.7 pounds, or 6.7 kilograms for us across the pond. I’ve done a little research, and that’s about the weight of a five-month-old baby. Or, it’s roughly equivalent to a bowling ball, or a medium bag of dog biscuits, or a tyrannosaurus rex coprolite (scientific word for fossilised poo). Geoff didn’t weigh the console itself, but that’s a pretty hefty product to lug around the shopping centre.

Now, not everyone is going to get their PlayStation 5 delivered to their home, and this is where the weight of the retail box is important. If you’re collecting your pre-order from the store, or if you’re trying your luck at purchasing a console on day one, you’ll want to know how close to park outside. No one wants to be beaming with joy at the prospect of the next generation of gaming, while also gleaming with sweat because the box is unwieldy and your car is in the furthest corner of the parking lot.


The PlayStation 5 hits the shelves on November 12th in the US, and November 19th for the rest of the world.