The First PlayStation 5 Unboxing Video Has Appeared Online

As more and more outlets receive their PlayStation 5s for review, this new unboxing video from YouTuber Austin Evans gives us a proper look at the console’s DualSense controller.

The DualSense has shone in the spotlight over the course of the PlayStation 5’s campaign, showcasing the controller’s capabilities for immersive gaming experiences. Adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 triggers will create new sensations, like replicating the tension in a bow string compared to the shock of the recoil on a shotgun. Developers have been very enthusiastic about this feature, and Arkane’s new first-person shooter will actually block the trigger in the DualSense when the character’s weapon jams.

Also, the “Share” button is out and the “Create” button is in, and its symbol is annoyingly similar to the “Options” button. If someone’s unfamiliar with PlayStation, and you tell them to press the button with the three lines, which one will they pick? Anyway, that’s my own gripe with it. Sony says that the “Create” button will introduce “new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves.” Fair enough.


The First PlayStation 5 Unboxing Video Has Appeared Online

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The First PlayStation 5 Unboxing Video Has Appeared Online2 days ago

Evans’ unboxing video wasn’t able to show off the DualSense in action, but we did learn about previously unpublished details, and some of these are rather surprising. The DualSense’s box states that it is only compatible with the PlayStation 5, but Evans connected the controller with a wire to a Surface Laptop Go and wirelessly to a Google Pixel 5. Interestingly, he showed that the DualSense does work if you want to play a game on Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service on the Pixel 5.

Further experimentation with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox Series X revealed additional findings. With the former, the console recognised the DualSense over a wired and a wireless connection, however, the two didn’t “talk” to each other. All the DualSense was able to do was register noises using its built-in microphone, which is a shame, though we did know that the DualShock wouldn’t work on the PlayStation 5. Brazenly, Evans plugged the DualSense into an Xbox Series X, but it was only able to charge.

We did get a number of close-up photos of the DualSense late last month, but admittedly, these weren’t in great detail. Evans’ unboxing video does confirm that the controller comes with the swishy pattern of symbols across its grip (I am a big fan of this). Additionally, we now know that the DualSense has a 1,560mAh battery, thanks to the YouTuber breaking apart the panels that make up the controller.

As aforementioned, the PlayStation 5 has now been sent to publications for review, so we’ll likely see more and more of the console over the coming weeks. Watch this space.