Woman Makes Sunday Roast For £1.20 Per Portion

A woman has shown how she can make a full Sunday dinner for her family for less than £1.20 ($1.50) per person, thanks to bargains she got at Lidl.

Sarah-Jane Handley, from London, posted on Facebook about the impressive roast, which she shared with her husband and 11-year-old son. It came to less than £4 all in – with leftovers and even some food for their cat.

Woman Makes Sunday Roast For £1.20 Per Portion

On bargain food Facebook group Feed Yourself for £1 a day, Sarah-Jane posted a photo of her meal, writing: “Sunday roast. I am absolutely stuffed.


“Whole chicken £2.30 (used 3 portions for roast and made 2 portions of curry for tomorrow and a portion for the cat). Mixed veg 30p. Mash 40p. Roast potatoes 20p. Roast carrots 20p. Stuffing 10p. Gravy 15p. All ingredients from Lidl.”

It came to £3.65 ($4.70) altogether.

Woman Makes Sunday Roast For £1.20 Per Portion

Now – we may be used to the British staple of a Sunday dinner, but it turns out the concept is a novelty to some.


One American guy actually reviewed a Greene King carvery on TikTok – and he was more impressed than he expected.

Mr Miami, aka Nick Alexander, grew up Stateside, but his mother is Jamaican British, so he’s been across the pond before.

Now, there are some stereotypes among the other nations of the world about what to expect from British cuisine, but the fare in The Nickelodeon in Wolverhampton certainly seems to have lived up to expectations.


Woman Makes Sunday Roast For £1.20 Per Portion

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Woman Makes Sunday Roast For £1.20 Per Portion12 days ago

Nick told : “In regards to food, the common consensus in the states is that British food isn’t great, so I came with seasonings expecting the food to be bland.

“What sparked me to say it was like a Christmas dinner was the turkey and stuffing, but in comparison to our Christmas dinner back home this was a plate for a 10-13-year-old, if I’m honest.

“But it’s not as bad as I thought. I think we love our sauces and artificial flavours a whole lot in America if I’m honest.

“Over here y’all just like things a little plainer I think.”


What more of a ringing endorsement can we ask for other than ‘not as bad as I thought’, right?

He continued: “I started documenting [the meals] randomly if I’m honest. My friend Rosalie in Miami is always asking me what the food is like for when they come to visit, so she kind of sparked the idea.

“British food is always getting a bad rep so I decided instead of highlighting the negative I’ll highlight the positive and here we are.”