‘Watch Dogs: Legion’, A Game About Hackers Has Apparently Been Hacked

The Watchdogs series is all about messing with your environment through the use of tech exploits. Anyone who has played either or will remember the first time they escaped the police by activating a barrier in front of them or managed to take down an enemy who was too near something explode-y. The usual.

It’s reported, however, – a game that’s about hacking, has been hacked by actual hackers in the lead up to its release. Perhaps there’s some poeticism to that.

According to ZDNet, a ransomware gang going by Egregor has threatened to leak the source code of . It’s not uncommon for hackers to find their way into company data before threatening to release it, encrypt it, or delete it if the company doesn’t submit to the demands of the hacker. In Ubisoft’s case, apparently, the Egregor team have the code and could release it to the public.

‘Watch Dogs: Legion’, A Game About Hackers Has Apparently Been Hacked

To prove that they had the code, Egregor has posted partial leaks to a site to signify to Ubisoft that they aren’t bluffing. At the same time they posted similar data from Crytek, another development company responsible for titles such as and .

The leak that Egregor posted about Ubisoft wasn’t conclusive according to ZDNet. The source code leak posted could definitely be part of the that is being released next month, however, it could also be another build or could even be source code taken from one of the older Watch Dogs games.

The hacker’s post about Crytek was more clearly a leak showing data from the company’s game development division. Past projects like and can be seen in the folders. The hackers say that they fully encrypted Crytek in an interview with ZDNet.

In Ubisoft’s case, Egregor only managed to steal the data and say they will continue releasing information soon if Ubisoft doesn’t contact them.